The Shorebreak Unveiling

At the Shorebreak hotel in Huntington Beach whether you were a surfer or not, there was plenty of excitement about a very special surfboard.  Surfboards on Parade attracted all sorts of curious faces including: city officials, hard core surfers, babies and even dogs to see what new “mind blowing” piece of surf art was under the black shroud.  And the board did not disappoint.  The piece was a three dimensional curved wall with a painstakingly crafted charcoal rendition of 11 time world champion, Kelly Slater.  Embedded in the wall and part of the piece, was a board ridden at pipeline and signed by Slater himself.  The board was shaped by Al Merrick and Dave Hobrecht was the very proud but relaxed artist introducing his piece.  And when the shroud lifted, the flashbulbs went rapid fire.  The faces of all gathered to witness what could ultimately raise in the ball park of $50,000 for the very deserving beneficiaries.  

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